Policy Statement

Pike Industries is committed to the safety and wellness of our fellow employees and to the protection of our natural environment. To those ends, Pike will continually strive, through policy and practice, to meet the highest standards.

The safety and wellness of our employees is the highest priority in our daily operations. Pike’s corporate goal is to reduce the number of accidents and to make our workplaces and job sites safer and healthier for our employees, customers, and the traveling public.

We also recognize that we are stewards of our environment. Only through proper and positive actions can we preserve the potential for a quality life for future generations. We take this environmental commitment very seriously and believe that it is not only “good business, but also good for business".

In facing the issues of safety, health, and the environment, Pike Industries will meet, and whenever possible, exceed the requirements established by safety, health, and environmental regulations. We will consistently strive for excellence in our efforts to be proactive in meeting established standards.

To these ends, Pike will continually train its employees. We will conduct internal safety, health, and environmental inspections to measure the results of this training and ensure our compliance with existing regulations.

Accidents and emergencies can arise at any time and from many causes. The victims are always people and the environment. While no organization is immune from these misfortunes, advance planning for emergencies and employee training are the only ways to minimize our potential losses.