Pike Industries, Inc. Wins Larry H. Lemon Award for Quality in Construction

On Wednesday February 1st, Alex Phelps the Vice President of Construction at Pike Industries, Inc. (pictured on right) accepted the Larry H. Lemon Quality in Construction Award from the National Asphalt Pavement Association (NAPA) for the SR 12 pavement project in Bethel Vermont.

Project Name: Bethel-Randolph VT. Route 12

Project Overview: This project was comprised of drainage and roadway improvements in the Bethel Vermont area. Pike Crews removed ledge, stabilized swales, and installed culverts and underdrains along a portion of Route 12. To complete the project Pike crews cold-planed the existing roadway and reused the removed material with a mix of ¾” stone, Portland cement and fine grade materials to create the cold mix base. Safety guardrails were installed and the cold mix base was paved with a hot mix leveling course and finished with the hot mix wearing course.

Length of Project: 6.125 miles

Products used:
  Aggregate Materials = 60,000 cubic yards
  Cold Planing = 118,000 square yards
  Reclaimed Stabilized Base = 118,000 square yards
  Reclaimed Stabilized base w/ Recycled asphalt and Portland cement = 118,000 square yards
  Cold Mix Supplemental Aggregates = 53,000 tons
  Superpave Bituminous Concrete pavement = 13,500 tons

Project Manager: Matt Willey

Pike Crew(s):
  Grade, Survey & Supervision - Adam Bristol, Nick Laclair, Nick Monty & Rayon Watson
  Cold Plane Crews - Tim Maple & Tim Maikshilo
  Reclamation Crews - Gerald Foss & Dan Sicard
  Fine-Grade Crews - Mike Leonard & Tom Wallace
  Cold Mix Pug Mill Crew - Ken Hastings and Jim Giard
  Paving Crew - Mike Mason’s Crew for the Cold Mix and the Hot Mix
  Traffic Coordination - Kadyn Garcia
 Quality Control - Mike Dunican

Supply Facilities: 623 Aggregates and 720 Asphalt - West Lebanon, NH

The Larry H. Lemon Quality in Construction award is presented to those companies who have achieved excellence in construction for asphalt jobs that require less than 50,000 tons of asphalt materials. Pike Industries, Inc. is honored to have been chosen as an award recipient and would like to congratulate the crews, production facility and the many other support staff on a job done exceptionally well.

We would also like to congratulate the additional 10 winners of the 2016 Larry H. Lemon Award.
Clark Construction of Texas Inc., E&B Paving Inc., Hutchens Construction Co., John R. Jurgensen, The Lane Construction Corp., Midsouth Paving Inc., an Oldcastle Materials Co., Northeast Asphalt Inc., Northeast Asphalt Inc., Walsh & Kelly Inc., and Wiregrass Construction Co. Inc.

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